As an international student if you’ve chosen to work whilst studying in the UK it shouldn’t be much of a worry to you. There is plenty of opportunities available for all so that you can use the wage you gain to help you out whilst you continue to study. International students can work up to 20 hours a week and you’re more than welcome to decide how you work those part-time hours, depending on the place of employment.

Working Whilst Studying

You’re only able to work whilst you’re studying if the University you study at is listed on both the Official UKVI Sponsor list and the list of ‘recognised bodies’. This can be common with most Universities in the UK so you should have plenty of opportunities. International students who are under and post-graduate and full-time at a university can work up to 20 hours a week during term time. You can work full time during the holidays. You’re more than welcome to ask further questions about it if you need to apply for a work or UK visa.

Cost of Living

The most expensive place where you’re likely to work and study in the UK in London. The average cost of living there will be around £1,300 month, and this will be just to meet basic living needs. When you come to study in the UK there will be grants and maintenance loans available which may provide you with some excess funds but depending on your circumstances this may not be enough. Bear in mind that this figure is just a guide and how you spend your money is totally dependant on your lifestyle at University.


The average spending for a University student for food can range from about £50-70. There are many factors that can determine this, however. You’d need to take note of the shopping markets that will be around your accommodation as they will vary in prices for standard food items like milk, bread, cheese and butter as part of your weekly shop. Your personal appetite will also be a determining factor. Try to budget the amount you spend on your food so you can put it aside and make it easier to manage your money.


The UK is known for having good public transports systems and discounted passes are available for students who are looking to get around the local city or town. For example, there’s a 16-25 railcard available which provides a ⅓ off your travel on trains. You can apply for this online. All you need is a photo that’s suitable to display on your railcard. Depending on the city you choose to visit, research what student offers are available.


As a student, you’ll be wanting to cut cost as much as possible, but cutting costs on insurance cover shouldn’t be one of them. Insurance will help to cover you for loss or theft of your personal property. The most common provider for student insurance that many Universities offer are Endsleigh, but you’re more than welcome to compare other companies too. Generally, student cover for personal belongings starts from around £80 per year.

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