Team commitment can be measured by a variety of factors; however, two of the most popular are productivity and effective communication.

Strong relations within a team are crucial in team building making it important that you as the manager implement a variety of strategies to encourage further team work and effective communication.

Though you can base your team’s commitment on these two specific factors, it is advised to fully assess your team’s commitment in order to move forward and develop new tactics for team bonding. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help assess your team’s commitment level.

Team Choice

Are team members willing to participate?

To assess this section, you will need to look into how often and how much input your team members provide in different scenarios such as meetings. Though it may be difficult, by evaluating employee

input it will help you to separate those who are willing to involve themselves from those who may seem a little reluctant to do so.

Once you have divided the team into these two groups, it is recommended you have a short meeting with each individual to discuss their current participation in the team. In the meeting, you should ask questions such as ‘what areas of involvement within the team do you enjoy, and which, if any, do you struggle with?’ to gain honest feedback. This also means you can work alongside each team member in the areas they struggle with in order to generate positive team results.

Do your team members believe they have choices within their team?

While team members do have a choice in many aspects of work, sometimes there are also elements of work which need to be completed offering little choice. . Though you as the manager may try to make adjustments, sometimes this is not always possible, so it is important to make sure that individuals understand why these tasks need to be completes, and are aware of other elements of their role in which they will have greater choice. Again, by striking up a meeting with those who seem unsatisfied with their team, it will give you a chance to discuss the options the members may or may or not have and provide them with a greater insight into the company.

Team Value

Do all members feel appreciated and valued for the work that they produce?

Many benefits come with team members understanding that their place in the company is strongly valued, not only by their manager but by their team members as well. Luckily for you, this is not a difficult issue to address. It is it is advised that you speak to your team members about providing others within the team with constructive criticism and positive feedback.

This way, team members will be able to take pride in the work that they do, and ultimately feel secure in their place within the company. In addition, by encouraging fellow workers to have confidence in all that they do and work on their weak areas it can benefit the business in terms of quality of work and greater productivity.

Challenge and Opportunity

Are team members excited and positively challenged?

Sometimes a team can grow lethargic when faced with similar challenges and opportunities, and although this cannot be helped on some occasions, it is up to you as the manager to provide motivating challenges to your team.

For this section, we suggest involving every member of each team in a relevant brainstorming activity to help encourage the more timid employees to bring their ideas to the table. Following the brainstorm, there should be a discussion about new company prospects to motivate the company to try something new. This will help to get your team in the spirit of making the most of new opportunities and provide them with an important forum for making significant contributions.


Does your company currently have a record of each team’s achievements from the previous year?

Everyone loves to get recognised for the good work that they have produced making it a great idea to formulate a system that keeps track of each team’s individual or shared achievements. At the end of the year you will able to give recognition where recognition is deserved, providing each team with a sense of gratitude and pride, motivating them for the year ahead.


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