Whenever an employee is transferred or sent to a new working location the goal of the corporation is always to get them settled and working effectively as soon as possible. Corporate relocation can be an issue if employees need to devote a large amount of time searching for a place to live. Two of the most commonly used options are corporate housing and hotels. However, it is clear that corporate housing offers a number of advantages over simply having an employee stay in a hotel for an extended time period. 

Saves The Corporation Money:

The most obvious advantage is that corporate housing saves your company money. Corporate housing rates are typically 30 – 50% less than a standard hotel rate. Employees need to get settled quickly and easily during this high stress situation for them, corporate housing accomplished that 

More Comfortable For Employees:

Another big advantage that corporate housing has over hotels is that this is a more comfortable situation for employees. For starters, there will be more room than a typical hotel (even a hotel suite).No employee wants to stay for more than a few days in a location without a real refrigerator or the ability to cook their own meals. Being able to stretch out and relax in a place that actually feels like home after a long day of work can help an employee to unwind and be a more effective worker.

There are also other amenities that help the employee to feel like they are ‘at home,’ or at least in a more permanent type of arrangement. Even something as simple as having a washer and dryer can help; no more running to the Laundromat or having to worry about hotel services. How about a private space to park the car? Even having an outdoor patio or small yard can make an employee feel more comfortable and valued by the corporation. These are simply things which a hotel cannot provide, at least not without a huge expense. 


Most hotels are located in commercial areas or right next to busy highways. This is certainly not the ideal location for a valued employee. On the other hand, corporate housing options are normally located residential areas. They are close to schools, shopping, neighborhood gathering places and parks. This is ideal for employees with families, since they will undoubtedly be looking for many of these options in order to start integrating into their new community.  Almost all corporate furnished apartments are pet friendly so employees can feel comfortable bringing their animals with them.


When an employee will be staying for 30 days or longer, corporate housing (which is sometimes referred to as Interim Housing, Temporary Housing or even Full Furnished Apartments) also offers the best in terms of flexibility. It is certainly much easier than actually finding and renting/leasing an apartment. Not to mention the fact that all of your amenities will be provided. This includes full phone service plus voice mail and answering machine, cable TV and DVD player. Different rooms and areas allow for much more privacy than in a hotel and offer the ability to get work done while still being comfortable. Truly, these are some of the best options for St. Louis corporate housing, or whatever location you happen to need.

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