Today’s fire truck refurbishment industry offers owners of old apparatus the ability to keep their trucks for longer, while pre-inspection services ensure that even the most budget-friendly overhaul meets the highest standards. Because the purchase of new fire trucks is such a time consuming endeavor, those for whom rebuild plans are inappropriate are often choosing the second hand market when it comes to replacements.


1) Finding Used Apparatus

The large refurbishment sector has resulted in a seemingly small resale market for used fire trucks, but if you know where to look, the used market is large enough to offer you sufficient availability to widen your choices. Private and public auctions sometimes offer the opportunity to squeeze your best options into a far lower budget. Second hand deals often come with the advantage of refurbishment prior to resale, while some first-hand sellers have used trucks in their inventories. The consignment market gives you the freedom to use the apparatus you intend to buy before the sale has been finalized and the title has been transferred. There are also 22 listed online retailers that are approved by the NFPA.

2) Navigating Price Fluctuations

The brush trucks sector is as prone to supply and demand price changes as the rest of the vehicle market is. For this reason, when there is high demand, prices tend to soar. Fortunately, NADA offers price indexes for the commercial truck sector, which allows you to buy when prices are low. Playing the market in this way demands a high degree of preparation, since time-poor buyers do not have the luxury to await a more profitable market change. Preparing for your purchase a year in advance gives you the luxury to hold on to your dollars.

3) Funding

AFG funding is on the decline, according to Fire Rescue 1. However, other funding opportunities can be taken advantage of, including direct assistance from agencies and donations. Direct grants and HUD funds from state municipalities can make those prices more palatable. Investigating your local NGOs may turn up additional opportunities. The Foundation Directory offers easily accessible information about this option.

4) Do Your Due Diligence

It is crucial to investigate every aspect of your purchase. The dealer’s ability to deliver reliably and price honestly are crucial. Warranties must be thoroughly understood before you buy. While investigating all these elements is crucial, it is often more enlightening to speak to a dealer’s existing clientele; they are likely to highlight any problems they have had regarding the accuracy of the information they were given about the sale, long term problems with warranty fulfilment, and the dependability of the apparatus they have bought.

Dealers such as for example also offer guidance that leads you through a process of second hand purchases by isolating the technical aspects you need to consider when choosing your apparatus.

5) Inspecting Before Buying

The technicalities involved in choosing a fire apparatus are highly complex. It is essential to have a comprehensive inspection done by a mechanic who specializes in fire trucks. – Withaya ponsowat

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