Almost 80% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft’s SharePoint in a cloud atmosphere, either on-site or by a third-party provider, in order to manage the flow of information and its security to stay relevant in a fast-paced business environment. Previous concerns about cloud environments such as latency concerns, integration into current IT environments and security, can all be addressed by the right cloud provider.


Custom Cloud Providers 

One of the first questions the business needs to ask when searching out third party cloud providers is the ability to create custom specifications to meet your corporation’s individual requirements and needs. There are literally thousands of third-party cloud providers that can provide a standardized solution that usually includes Microsoft’s SharePoint, content management systems, client relationship management solutions and project and portfolio management options.  However, for medium and large size enterprises, a custom solution is usually the only option that can meet all requirements when moving to a third-party provider.  These types of providers offer custom integration and IT solutions to meet any and all requirements. A custom cloud solution by an experienced provider can often be up and running quickly, efficiently and usually less expensive than a similar environment kept solely on-site. 

Microsoft’s SharePoint

Generally companies that are searching out third-party custom cloud solutions are most interested in cloud hosted SharePoint in order to capitalize on the value benefit of such an option. The capital investments for on-site hosting and IT departments have become a major concern for corporations that are looking for better cost-effective options.  A third-party hosting option provides a highly technical solution with the highly sophisticated hosting infrastructure that would be hard to replicate in-house. The third party provider can offer disaster resistant data centers and low latency with consistent reliability, better flexibility, and scalability with lower overall costs often with the same level of service as an in-house IT department. By ensuring the cloud is a custom fit, the flow of information through the SharePoint platform enables many businesses to capitalize on the convenience of a cloud solution with a lower overall cost.


Leveraging a custom cloud solution can also take advantage of providing client-relationship management and project and portfolio management software suites in the cloud. These options provide amazing collaboration and control software available instantly in the cloud. By putting a CRM in the cloud, clients, sales agents and managers all have access to the same information available anytime and on any device. This provides great workflow advantages all within your custom security and access permission requirements. Having the same advantages with a PPM software suite in the cloud provides better overall management and efficiency not found in other solutions.

When you consider the options that customers have when considering a cloud-based deployment, there is no better way to increase productivity, secure access and lower overall costs, than deploying your cloud solution through a third-party custom cloud solution provider.

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