The business is a fundamentally economic structure consisting of tangible and intangible resources combined through organization and specific planning to provide products and/or services for sale. The primary goal is being purely lucrative; you seek through the activities to earn money.

But the enterprise is also a system, in the sense that it is a set of interacting elements, a system composed of functions, services and individuals, themselves organized and directed towards a common goal. This system is open, since the company is immersed in an external but also internal environment with which it is in constant interaction.

The company is certainly a production unit, but it is above all an organization, composed of human factors that allow its first existence. It could only be approached from an economic point of view, but it would be insufficient because, given the crucial role of man in its operation, a social approach is essential.

Today, there is unanimous agreement that human resources are the strength of the company.

The shareholders are the creators of the company, without their financial contributions, the company would not exist, this constitutes irrefutable evidence.

Customers are the main stakeholders of the company even if you trade forex, without them there would be no need to produce and therefore sell; to sell, it would still be necessary to produce, and to have motivated and involved workers, for this the work of the managers comes into play since the result of the executing personnel depends certainly directly on himself, but also indirectly and for much of the way this team is managed.

The suppliers and the State are equally involved since the former make available to the company the means necessary for its production and the State puts in place the conditions for the exercise of its activities.

Each of these stakeholders, through its share of responsibility and its function, participates directly or indirectly in the decision-making process and the functioning of the company. Visit website of your company to check if they practice these things.

The growing importance given to the work and the place of employees in the company brings better results, but we must not lose sight of the fact that everything is a sequence: motivated and involved workers are most often the work a good manager who listens to his subordinates.

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