You may have heard of the ISO, or International Organization For Standards, before. They’re a global organization based in Switzerland who have been establishing standards for business practices in a variety of different industries since 1946.

While becoming ISO certified is not a requirement for any business (meaning you aren’t penalized for not being certified), not being ISO certified can still be a major mistake because their standards are recognized by virtually all countries and companies across the globe.

ISO certification can be used to provide potential customers with independent validation of an organizations conformity,” Reciprocity Labs notes. “Thus, compliance offers new clients ways to use an organizations controls as a measure for future customer satisfaction.”

Here are the top three biggest reasons why ISO certification is a big deal:

Reason #1 – Your Company’s Reputation Will Literally Skyrocket

There are fewer ways to skyrocket your company’s reputation as fast over becoming ISO certified.

Remember, the ISO is globally recognized. So even if you’re running a smaller sized company out of your home country, receiving an ISO certification immediately indicates that your company is world class.

Not only will your company be more recognized, but it’s reputation will actually be improved as well. This is significant, because it equals more clients and customers, and thus more revenue. There will be certain public institutions and large clients who will only do business with companies that are ISO certified.

Reason #2 – ISO Certification Equals Quality

Receiving an ISO certification such as the ISO 9001 doesn’t just indicate to everyone else that your company creates top-notch, high quality products and services. It means that you literally do create those high quality products and services.

It is literally impossible for a business with poor quality control to become ISO certified, because that quality control will show in the audit. It’s really for this reason that your business’s reputation will become force to be reckoned with.

Reason #3 – Your Business Practices Will Be Dramatically Improved

ISO also takes a strong look at your business practices, such as your environmental friendliness, your energy efficiency, consistency, and risk management.

In other words, being ISO certified doesn’t mean that your products are nice. It means that your business is running as good as it possibly can: your employees are happy, things are going smoothly, and you have a plan to identify and mitigate risks and threats that inevitably pop up.

All of these things are the traits of a company that is world class and a true leader in its industry.

Becoming ISO Certified

Again, becoming certified with the ISO is not necessary for your company, and you’re not penalized for not having it.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you won’t pay a price for being ISO certified, because as we have seen, becoming certified with the ISO can be one of the best things you can do to improve your company’s efficiency and your reputation all over the world.


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