Suffering from whiplash is painful, debilitating and highly inconvenient for anyone who suffers from it. But why can compensation amounts vary so much from case to case? So many factors come into play when it comes to deciding on the final amount that a claimant should be granted. Read through our key information below to find out why whiplash cases can vary so much.

Suffering from Further Injuries

If the claimant has suffered from other injuries, this will also be taken into consideration. If the person in question has suffered from a broken bone, for example, that has left them debilitated for months, this will likely result in a higher compensation claim. What’s more, if scarring has occurred as a result of the injuries suffered, the compensation granted could also be higher. Especially, for example, if the victim in question is a child or teenager.

Ruining Special Events

Suffering from whiplash or other injuries can disrupt day to day life. However, it may also disrupt important events such as weddings, holidays, and other significant life events. If this is the case, this will also be taken into account and the compensation awarded is likely to be higher, especially if the claimant is out of pocket because they have lost money on a holiday or a wedding venue deposit, for example.

Loss of Earnings

Unfortunately, whiplash and other injuries suffered in road traffic accidents can be very debilitating. Sometimes, people can be out of action for months at a time. This can often lead to a loss of earnings, which will certainly be taken into account when the final compensation amount is being considered. Claimants can always argue that they should not be out of pocket, and as such, they should always be compensated for a loss of wages.

Care and Assistance

Sometimes, people who have suffered from severe injuries in road traffic accidents will need care and assistance at home. From showering and cleaning, to cooking and going to medical appointments, the simplest things can become extremely difficult if you are living with a painful injury. Things like this will also be taken into account when considering the final compensation amount, especially if the care was expensive or difficult to arrange.

The Judge

Finally, it is always important to bear in mind that the judge who presides over the case will have a huge effect on how the case will turn out. At the end of the day, they always operate within the law, but they have the final say when it comes to the amount of compensation that will be awarded, and some judges are simply more lenient than others.

Have you suffered from whiplash recently? If you have, it is always important to seek medical attention right away to make sure that your symptoms do not worsen over time. Once you have sought the advice of a medical professional, it is also important to contact a specialist lawyer, who may be able to help you make a claim.

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